QC LuaPlugin – now with a (slightly) better editor and images

Posted by admin on Feb 28, 2010 in Mac OS X, Quartz Composer

In February I’ve worked now and then on my Lua plugin for Quartz Composer.

The Good
  • Courtesy of Noodlesoft, the editor is nicer, and shows line numbers and a marker when an error is detected.
  • There is now a sort of experimental support to image type: still no way to interpret them (and, anyway, why?), but they’re properly recognized and passed around
The Bad
  • I’ve also added a composition to do some simple benchmark, and the result is that Lua lags behind a properly written JavaScript (tests done on 10.6)… Not surprising, given that Lua is standing (almost) still, while Apple has put a lot of efforts in JavaScriptCore lately! The lack of a 64-bit LuaJIT is starting to hurt…
The Ugly
  • To implement the images, I’ve had to use undocumented APIs (the QCImage class isn’t public), as there was no (simple) way to get what I needed in the “Official” one…


QC LuaPlugin Updated

Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2010 in Mac OS X, Quartz Composer

I’ve finally found the time to review the pending issues left in my Lua plugin for Quartz Composer. The things that were left out are now working, plus I’ve added a bit of debugging help at the source code level. Still, the target to get a working JIT version (that would speed up scripts) is hold back by the fact that there is no 64 bit LuaJIT yet…

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